Monday, November 1, 2010

One of the Craziest Dreams I Have Ever Had

The dream started with me watching things unfold in front of me, kind of like watching a movie.  First of all the dream seemed to have a bluish tone to it.  It was a moonlit night.  The initial view of the sky slowly changed and the focus was then on a bridge.  A sad kid [who, i think, had just lost his mom, and don't ask how i know, it was a dream] was trying to cross this bridge on his bicycle.  I guess he did not pay attention, but the bridge was one of those that open and close to allow big boats to go through.  It so happened that the bridge was changing from normal to the open state and the kid didn't realize it and kept going.  Soon, he fell down into the water, he couldn't swim.  Somehow he just got to a random piece of land and sat there crying.  There is a gap in the memory there.  

Next thing I remember is that I was looking at a college dorm room.  A guy was unpacking.  He was talking to a friend of his about how Priyanka Chopra was coming to a random event at the college.  All of a sudden I was a part of the dream and I was walking down a hallway, like I was consciously inside that body, that was my perspective.  Eventually I was at an auditorium like place...some show was about to start and PC was there.  Somehow we ended up talking, PC and I.  The show was about 4-5 days long or something.  Or you know...this was dream time, so even like 10 days.  Maybe it was rehearsals or something, i have no clue.  Anyway, so we cozied up, PC and I.  She pretty much seemed to have fallen in love with me.  

I was a little confused since I was a girl, and she even took me to meet her parents and all that jazz and they were fine with it.  It was awesome and all, but then she decided to vanish from my life.  At this point, the perspective changed again and I was once again watching a movie...and I was shocked for a second...I was actually that guy I had seen in the dorm!  Are you following me?  It was so confusing!  

I was utterly and completely bamboozled.  Same with the guy [I mean...I was him?  So weird.].  He was frantically trying to figure out how all that happened.  Then, the final day of the program or event or whatever that thing was, comes up and PC is asked to come on stage but she is nowhere to be seen.  The poor guy gets a call on his cellphone from the number saved as her and he is really really happy.  They meet up and kiss each other [I am simply watching at this point].  

All of a sudden, there was a drastic scene change to the dorm that I was in earlier in the dream, where I saw the guy [who was me?] for the first time.  The cleaning staff of that building is trying to figure out how to save an old run down part of the building.  Towards the end they blasted a hole in the ceiling, changed into witches/monsters.  The end!

Anyone who would like to psychoanalyze this dream is more than welcome!  I simply went 'what the hell?!'


  1. What've you been smoking??id def like some of it too.. :P
    on a more serious note, its amazing how you can recall your dreams in such clear detail..never happens with me..
    btw im pretty sure freud would say something along the lines of @ani_aset.. :)
    i personally feel frankl's 'will to meaning' would explain it..ur search for meaning(post 'entropy')..

  2. Although the second half of the dream is more...entertaining...I am more interested in the first part. A sad and deep sense of loss and loneliness. This could be a representation of your own feelings towards some event or something in your own life...

    While the second disconnected as it seems...feels like the little boy in the first half has grown up to find he's not lonely...and you became that guy in order to feel the love and to drive away the loneliness...

    The third part where staff turns into wizards probably where whatever you are smoking these days got the better of you :p

  3. Twist! LoL! Very happening dream, did u anytime happen to have had an acquaintance with a yogi/wizard/witch?- out of body experience, into body experience, you just happened to experience changeling of bodies. :p These symptoms are also known to be associated with Hashish.

  4. Wow... that's enough material for 5 movies plots in one dream there!!
    I should be the one taking down your recipes after this I guess.. seriously, what DID you have for dinner?

  5. lolzz.. Twist in the tale.
    CC: Christopher Nolan
    I am sure, he'll definitely take inspirations from ur tale for Inception sequel. ;-)

  6. hahahah love the response :D

    @ani: define swinging ;)

    @insanelyinane: not smoking anything, i swear. my imagination is just that good ;) this is one of the very few dreams that i can recall to this level of detail. i think you are right about linking this to entropy :)

    @labellagorda: you should be a psychiatrist, like we discussed ;)

    @aditya: since hashish is not involved and i have not done anything of the body-changing sort in my recallable existence, i guess we are talking about reincarnation? ;)

    @priyanka: i don't remember! besides, i had this dream in the morning when i had woken up and then gone back to sleep! :D

    @vaastav: i wish ;)

  7. You watched Inception recently? If yes, that could be one reason provided you liked the movie (or should i say understood the movie), then it must have stimulated such intrinsically plotted dreams...

    Just a stupid thought... no offence...

  8. did you 'see' her parents as they are in real life or they were just images of 'perceptions'?