Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~~~...Some sleep I trade...~~~

Some tiny make-believe castles I made
Are back to haunt me as goodbyes fade.

Silent like the night, startled and afraid,
Some spaces forgotten, your eyes invade.

Two disjointed verses, and a soft serenade
To listen to your voice, some sleep I trade.


  1. @Vits - awesome work girl .. reminds me of

    "I dont wanna close my eyes.. i dont wanna fall asleep coz i miss you baby and dont wanna miss a thing" ; )

  2. To listen to Your voice, some sleep i trade...beautiful Vitiji

  3. short and sweet...
    love it :)

  4. I am afraid which sleep you are referring to.
    trust me, when the castles vanish and the full moon breaks into pieces , the final goodbye seems never fading.

  5. simple poetry...expressing volumes...beautiful!

  6. Like the rhyming..and understand the pain..good one!!

  7. respect.
    i wish i could write such stuff.
    for now, i'll be inspired ;)

  8. Lovely...not many can say alot in a few words. You have a gift.

  9. Viti!

    Awesome work again! too good! loved it! :) Will share it right away on twitter! Your poems are worth a mention in my blog too! will write about them sometime! Great going! Keep me informed with newer posts o yours! Love them!

    Cheers and keep up the good work!

  10. omg..thank you so much everyone! i love the response!

    @vishi2max: yes it kinda does :D

    @anirban: i disagree. takes time for sure, but it happens eventually.

    @rohyt: looking fwd to reading your work :)

    @sanjay: thank you! will keep you updated!