Monday, March 15, 2010

~~~...I will smile with you...~~~

I'll forget you and move on.
Who am I kidding, really?

There are some people, love.
They just don't leave. Ever.

Broken though, I did leave.
I turned and walked a while.

All ties seemed cut and torn.
Then you called, and I came.

It did happen. Twice, it did.
You will never let me fade.

Knowing that you love me,
I will smile with you, 'Noor.'

Walking towards the sunset,
I'll have your hand, one day.


  1. Wow!! Keep going, gurl! :)
    Btw, ye 'Noor' kaun hain?

  2. awesome work viti!!!!why dont u compose a book???

  3. The last line is the best one! walking towards the sunset, simply superb!

  4. awww lovely :D who's noor? :P

  5. Its so beautiful.. loved it.. :)
    But a small advise, cut your looses and move forward.

  6. Hey! I found it bit amusing! Like it has a second meaning, lighter one, all ties cut: And like i see ties(Kanth Langot)!
    Well was just kidding! Nice one though!

  7. i really like the way you've used contradictions in few lines and esp the end which is so melancholic yet optimistic

  8. thank you so much everyone for the amazing response! :)

    @bhumish, @stephen - 'noor' is the love of 'viti' ... both are literary characters that have been developing through the various poems on this blog :)

    @GRE: :D i think we talked about it ;)

    @narsimha: good advice :D

    @aditya: ahaha i love that interpretation seriously! thanks!

    @rashi:i am glad you like it :)

  9. The lady with a peculiar name.......
    Didn't surprise me, when I saw the poetry, least was I surprised. Still I am bowled over by the poetry, which I can't hide.
    Keep scribbling for us lesser souls.

    Last but not the least, I envy the chemistry between 'noor' and 'viti'. Hats off to you

  10. "Knowing that you love me,
    I will smile with you, 'Noor.'"
    Love this..
    great work !
    Keep writing such amazing piece of art :)

  11. @ameenmaj-thanks a lot! keep coming back to read more :)

    @vishal-thanks :)

    @princess-keep coming back to read! thank you :)