Saturday, October 2, 2010

The last page of my book of quotes

I really wanted to share this because the depth of this monologue is something that I am still trying to fathom.  The whole deal about the life is the transcript of a conversation that took place a while ago.  The narrator was extremely sleepy.  And profound?

Do ghadi woh jo paas aa baithe

Life is like sex.  You can enjoy it or not.
Life is a book.  Ruskin Bond's book.  Half imagination, half reality.  We want to take up the imagination and not reality.
Life is a tabla.  However you play it, it will sound the same.  Slowly, will sound that way, and the same with fast.  And then it will tear. It will end.  Deemak happens, like we fall sick.
Life is what we make it.  What we want it to be.
Life is my computer's speakers.  It can be your voice.  Music.  Ghazals, rock songs.  When happy, nice songs.  Gham, sad songs.
There is nothing else in this room.

"Chaahe jis bhi naam se pukaaro mujhe,
zindagi hun tumhaari, guzaaro mujhe."


  1. very intriguing to say the least.
    Especially relate to the 'Deemak happens' part. Sure it does and sucks out all the imagination and creativity left in the head.

    I assume this is a retrospective self-justification of sorts, is it ?

  2. truely life comes in all possible colors n flavors.. we just need to get accustom to it n LOVE IT .. :))
    God Bless You..

  3. liked it.

    little different than ur previous ones, yet colorful :-)

  4. like this.
    but your color scheme is making for a difficult read :(

  5. The comparison part is fantastic. Though in the case of tabla, i don't buy it.
    And the last shayeri defines it all. Memories, moments, feelings and death defines life.

  6. thank you for reading!

    @rohit: i asked her what life is and this is what she told me :)

    @adee: i will change the layout soon

  7. Interesting page :)

    I like this one the most.. "Life is a book. Ruskin Bond's book. Half imagination, half reality. We want to take up the imagination and not reality."

    Defiant Princess