Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~~~...I rage...~~~

I rage
I rage on

ज़मीन से आसमां तलक एक झलक
की तलाश में यह रूह भटकती है

I give
I give up
I try
I try hard
I live
I live now
I cry
I cry alone

I rage
I rage on

कुछ ज़ुबान की खूभी है
कुछ अदा की शोखी है

I hit
I hit myself
I cut
I cut deep
I fly
I fly away
I laugh
I laugh hysterically

I rage
I rage on

एक आग का दरिया था
डूबने का था मेरा इरादा

I swim
I swim through
I erase
I erase memories
I lie
I lie often
I talk
I talk nonsense

I rage
I rage on

यह एक झूठ नहीं था बस में तुम्हारे, क्यूँ?
बाकी ज़िन्दगी भले ही झूठ पर टिकी हो

I loved
I loved you
I desired
I desired company
I realize
I realize defeat
I still
I still rage

I rage
I rage on

किस्सा-ऐ-'विती' ठहर जाता है यहीं देखो
जैसे अधूरी किताब छोड़ गया है शायर...

I rage
I rage on.


  1. Let me begin by a rule i tend to avoid fusion of languages while in poems..because I believe that Poems are emotions being expressed through verses and should be such that they are self explanatory...Having said that I'll admit that expression of emotion can use fusion of langauage..but then it's not self explanatory..we are using fusion to supplement verses which we could not express in one language.

    There place in the poem where you have used fusion a form of jugal bandi..but at places the jugal bandi doesn't gel..But still reading it was a plasure, 'cuz I could feel the emotions u were trying to express.

    Keep trying your hand at this..waiting for more.

  2. thank you so much meeta for the insights! i will keep it in mind when i write next. i really appreciate that you took so much time out to help me :)

  3. Viti nice play of words and language, i like this style of poetry, where much is left unsaid and leaves the reader to imagine and find their own meaning to the poem. You have done well here. I also like the repeating "i rage i rage on" :) keep them coming

  4. i liked the fusion in the poem, can well be transcribed as a song.... :D
    this a new form, so am totally in love and will not be giving any its and bits :)

  5. I loved your poetry. I don't believe in anything orthodox, fixed,guided by rules and "what some scholar had preached years back". Writing is best when you write from your heart without caring about a framework. So rage, rage on..

  6. @ani_aset: thanks a lot for the praise. i will keep them coming, if you keep coming back to read them :)

    @pragya: yay! a song..that'll be interesting :D

    @SKy: its because of responses like this that i keep writing...thank you so much :)