Monday, February 1, 2010

~~~...Till eternity ends...~~~

what use is my life if i dont like to live it?
what use is it if i dont care anymore for anything?
what if there is not even a desire to make it better?
what if all i want is love and nothing else comes close?

i have ceased to exist by myself.
i have given up on you. or have i?

there are birds that call into the silent night,
waiting for the morning to come so they can fly.

look at flowers that are about to burst open,
but dont; they want the sun to open them.

what if the morning decides not to show up?
what if the sun, covered with clouds, just sleeps?

the birds will still be chirping into the darkness.
the flowers will be poised to bloom until they wilt.

what if the love never comes knocking to you?
what if you fail to realize that you are the 'Noor'?

If she is not fortunate enough to love you someday,
'Viti' will then be waiting for you till eternity ends.


  1. In my opinion, love like all good things comes into your life when you are ready to handle it :) It cannot be rushed..

    Whoever receives your love will be very fortunate.

    This was beautiful Vitasta.. I loved it :)

  2. love has strange ways to enter your life and we at times we do not appreciate or recognize it

    equally strange are the ways of parting from love

    I liked most your last two lines

    that is the true essence of love and life

    Hope and faith

    cheers!!! till your next

  3. love will come knocking on your door... just be awake so that u can open the door : )

  4. to wait for the beloved
    is a lover's fate
    heaven comes only
    when enough one waits

  5. "If she is not fortunate enough to love you someday,
    'Viti' will then be waiting for you till eternity ends."

    loved it.
    specially this meera-gulzar-style of anecdote with subtle pun of 'viti'.

  6. nice...till eternity ends... :)
    keep writing...!

  7. @wBr: thanks a lot :)

    @arun: i am glad you liked it. and i think you are right about love.

    @nwaz: thank you so much for the constant appreciation!

    @chaaarlie ;) : i have turned into an insomniac, waiting for that knock :)

    @adee: beautifully everything you express :) you are a word weaver my friend

    @desininja: i am glad you like the signature :D thanks!

    @himanshu: i will :) thank you so much!