Friday, February 5, 2010

~~~...Nothing will change...~~~

Independence and dignity, 
Two things I adore, I apply.
I will give them up for you.

I won't get a chance though.
You are self-sufficient, free
With no needs, no desires.

Here I am dying for a glance.
There you are, so beautiful,
As ever. Out of reach, range.

I will never give up.  Never.
Nothing wrong in loving.
Without limits or deliberation.

"A rose is a rose is a rose."
You are you.  I am me.
Nothing will change. Ever.


  1. I cud so very well relate to it in a weird way!

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  3. just happened to stumble upon your blog...loved this has a simple lovely flow...wish you all the very best...


  4. This is very very sweetly done..i'll love you no matter what :) very well done..i like the style viti..something i use more often too :)

  5. loved your poem...I could almost feel the desperation that I felt a few months before...

  6. A cute poem!!
    but, pls dont mind- i cant comment anything more on it...bcoz, am still an infant in matters of poems n all dat..
    may be, I may learn from you. =)
    Good Luck!! :)

  7. @mMS: thanks a lot!

    @mou: i am glad you liked it :) thank you and please do keep coming back :)

    @ani_aset: thank you so much! lemme see some of your work too :)

    @sushant: thanks!

    @bhumish: thanks a lot :)